I am a Fine Art and Professional Photographer based in a small village on the Suffolk/Norfolk border England.


 I have an MA in Art Design and Visual Culture (Photography), from London Metropolitan University. I am also a photography lecturer and graphic designer, I have taught at all levels up to Post Graduate and now teach private tuition.

I am also a member of and exhibit regularly at  Beyond the Image Gallery in Thornham Magna.


 My personal work cannot be categorised as a specific style or genre, it often blurs the borders between landscape and still-life.


 My animal photographs are not natural history pictures, they are portraits of living feeling creatures, and they show an intimate and sometimes vulnerable side of their   personalities.


 I see the world differently from other people, I am always stopping to look at light and shadow, I don't restrict myself to one genre or style of photography, I simply   photograph what's in front of me.